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Pistons Take AI: Mistake or not?

Posted on: November 7, 2008 4:15 pm
      Well we have a new guy on the team. Sure he is not new to the NBA but new to the Pistons he is indeed. The only question I have is will he learn to get rid of his super status and join a team or will he want to stand alone as one?
I would love it if he becomes one of the Detroit Boys and does what he needs to do to be one of the good guys on the team that contributes and is not selfish and keeps the ball to himself because as anyone that truly knows the Pistons as a team knows that they are a pass first and take the best shot. Line it up and throw it down. Now the best thing that could happen is AI will realize that he is not in Denver anymore and that he has a very very very strong supporting cast because if he realizes this quickly than this team is bound for the NBA Finals because they are bound for the playoffs already and that is before you add AI, but with AI's shooting skills and a handy helping of guys around him who can handle the ball and his passes should he dish them out the Detroit Pistons become something else altogether. I mean they scored 100 points without AI or Billups and that is incredible to say the least but if AI passes it is bound to get even more beautiful.
      To add to the Pistons skills they have added pure talent from last years miracle discovery and I am talking about the magical youngster Rodney Stuckey. The guy can flat out play and with AI by his side and passing he should be able to flourish.
       Well someone had to pose the question what if he doesn't pass? I can answer easily and with only one word: BOMB!!!!!!!
Without that unselfish attitude the Pistons are nothing. They base their whole team on passing and not being self-centered and they make it work and look better when they do. 
     So come on to a Detroit Pistons team that is 4-0 AI because we would be glad to have you but please do yourself and the team some good and pass the ball when needed. If you do the playoffs is a very nice way of saying, DUH.
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