Posted on: November 7, 2008 4:15 pm

Pistons Take AI: Mistake or not?

      Well we have a new guy on the team. Sure he is not new to the NBA but new to the Pistons he is indeed. The only question I have is will he learn to get rid of his super status and join a team or will he want to stand alone as one?
I would love it if he becomes one of the Detroit Boys and does what he needs to do to be one of the good guys on the team that contributes and is not selfish and keeps the ball to himself because as anyone that truly knows the Pistons as a team knows that they are a pass first and take the best shot. Line it up and throw it down. Now the best thing that could happen is AI will realize that he is not in Denver anymore and that he has a very very very strong supporting cast because if he realizes this quickly than this team is bound for the NBA Finals because they are bound for the playoffs already and that is before you add AI, but with AI's shooting skills and a handy helping of guys around him who can handle the ball and his passes should he dish them out the Detroit Pistons become something else altogether. I mean they scored 100 points without AI or Billups and that is incredible to say the least but if AI passes it is bound to get even more beautiful.
      To add to the Pistons skills they have added pure talent from last years miracle discovery and I am talking about the magical youngster Rodney Stuckey. The guy can flat out play and with AI by his side and passing he should be able to flourish.
       Well someone had to pose the question what if he doesn't pass? I can answer easily and with only one word: BOMB!!!!!!!
Without that unselfish attitude the Pistons are nothing. They base their whole team on passing and not being self-centered and they make it work and look better when they do. 
     So come on to a Detroit Pistons team that is 4-0 AI because we would be glad to have you but please do yourself and the team some good and pass the ball when needed. If you do the playoffs is a very nice way of saying, DUH.
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Posted on: November 7, 2008 3:56 pm

"D" for Lions is getting better, still needs work

The Lions early this week signed Daunte Culpepper and I don't think it is a good idea. The fact that they played Orlovsky this long is a joke. You have talent that they are not even giving a willing option of playing and that is Drew Stanton and I think that it is a joke. He is a very talented and youg QB who deserves to show off his talents. The man led MSU to it's biggest comback in team history singlehandedly winning the game. Yet he continues to sit on the sidelines. AS A THIRD STRINGER NO LESS!!!!!!!!!! I think the Lions have made poor judgments but this one aches every week that goes by without a win for a team desperately searching for hope in the future.
Meanwhile the young and talented yet iexperienced defense gets to see nmore time and work together and I believe all it will take is one swing, one big play for the defense at the end of the game that ends up winning it that will give this hopeful Lions "D" the courage to stick with it and realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed all NFL players start out young and make mistakes and what better time to make mistakes and learn from them than when everyone is counting on and knowing that those mistakes are likely to take place every week. So keep on going you valient Lion's "D" and keep up the energy each week to do what you have to do to get your first win.
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Posted on: September 12, 2008 3:34 pm

O-line OK, Defense for lions is still trouble.

               Well, Lions fans were turning their heads on Sunday as the lions made a below average team of players look like superstars. Michael Turner ran over the non-tackling defenders and his rushing yards were probably upped by at least 100 yards. If the lions could have tackled the guy maybe he would of had a hundred or less. That was the story of the Lions-Falcons game Sunday, a non-tackling defense made the Atlanta Falcons look like last years Patriots. i would dare to say that this was Atlanta's first win and most likely last game of the year where they look this good. i don't expect a game like this from them again this year because they don't play the Lions again.
             Now it is on to Green Bay in what does not look like good news for a lions defense that couldn't even hold a poor team like the Falcons down. I as a lions fan would love to see them win and the only way they will pull this one out, and if they do it will be close, is their defense does a complete turn around from last week. The offense is a great offense but this game is going to depend completely on defense to win. Green Bay looked good against the Vikings on Monday as the Minnesota Defense never really lived up to the hype. But one guy that lived up to the hype is Aaron Rodgers. He really threw two touchdowns but only one counted as the other 68 yard TD was brought back by a stupid Packer penalty. he also ran for a TD as he showed how good he is at scrambling, going 8 times for a total of 35 yards, including a big 21 yard run.  This doesn't look good for the Lions as they are taken from the stack and thrown into the fire. Everyone is rooting and believing that the Packers are going to win but as a Lions fan i can't agree because they are my team and i have hope that they can win every game. Now this is unrealistic for any team to win every game but that is part of being a fan is you can hope that it happens and not care of the truth that it most likely will not happen. Her are the keys to winning this weeks game against the Packers.

Key 1 - Defense
        If the lions hope to even have a chance the defense has to step up and do its job. That means tackling a player if he is right in front of you. on Sunday the lions looked like a little league football team trying to tackle a bunch of high-school players. missed tackles gave Michael turner an extra 100 yard if not more. Also the lions secondary need to clamp down on Aaron Rodgers and his vast array of quality receivers. Guys like Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and Donald Lee. I am hoping that last week was due to the fact that the Lions defense is made up of a lot of inexperienced youngsters (which it is), and that they can learn from their mistakes like most of the human race has. In order for the defense to mature and grow to be a defense that teams won't think they can just run over any time they are playing them, the defense has to say, "Hey, we made a ton of mistakes. Let's look at them and work on them." and with a coach like Rod Marinelli they have a chance to do just that.

Key 2 - More guts.
       The lions offensive players, mainly Jon Kitna, have to have more guts. I know you are old Kitna but come on, the endzone was right in front of you and wide open but instead you tossed it right by Calvin Johnson and the lions lost points. be smart, have some bravado and do what you need to do. They need to believe in themselves and work with each other in order to succeed.

Key 3 - Offensive production
        The defense for Green Bay is good and the fact of it is that the Lions need to score points. It would be great if they could score first and get the Green Bay D on their heels right from the outset. I say that they need to attack the packers with their passing game and use the speed to beat them down. then to manage the time effectively you can run. You want to be a running but sometimes in order to get yourself better in an area you are not it helps to start doing good with what you do best and then work on the area that you are not so you are comfortable. No one ever said to be an evenly offensive team you had to run first and then pass. why not go with your strength (passing) then go to your weakness (Running). Be an evenly offensive team but also be smart.

The Lions best chance to success is to get your team going before you think about improving your weaknesses. No one starts off with  something they don't know before they learn what comes before. they don't teach algebra in kindergarten because the kids don't even know simple math, same concept, different situation.

Same time next week i will go over what happened in the Lions-Packers game and go over the next game. Until then God Bless and Go LIONS!!!!!!!
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Posted on: September 4, 2008 5:43 pm

Lions O-Line

Looking at the Lions Offensive Line I see some names that excite me. A few big ones are Jeff Backus, Dominic Raiola and George Foster. These three are big names and big players. Now here in my first blog I will outline three keys to the succes of the Detroit Lions team this year. These three keys are the most important factors that will affect how the Lions place at the end of the year. Offense will not be a key because if you look atthe team, is there even really a question mark to this offense. I dont think so and neither does Jon Kitna, Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson, Rudi Johnson, Kevin Smith or Mike Furrey either. So these three keys are the more shaky parts of the Lions team because lets face it, if Kitna has more time to throw, than a lot of defenses are going to be left scrambling and like I say, "D is key".

First Key - Offensive Line

     The first and most critical part of the productivity of the typical offense is the prescence of an offensive line. All the great rushing teams have it, San Diego, New England, Dallas and the like all have a solid offensive line. How do you think Tom Brady sits in the pocket for five seconds before he has to actually get rid off the ball? If the offensive line does it's job right the wide receiving corp will do great as well because they will be able to run their routes without feeling rushed and when you are rushed you make mistakes, if you want to see evidence of that see how many interceptions have been thrown by Jon Kitna and other highly pressured QB's, I gaurantee it that you will see an upward trend from the like of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Phillip Rivers. The Offensive line controls the line of scrimmage, creates holes for the RB and creates time for the QB. With Kitna's obvious skills (2 years in a row with over 4,000 yards passing) it will be an enourmous lift if he can get time to stay in the pocket and find an open receiver because with the duo of Williams and Johnson and Furrey and McDonald thrown in there they can be one of the best receiving teams in the NFL. As a matter of fact I see similarities between the Lions receiving corp and the Patriots receiving corp. For example, who does the short routes for New England and really broke out last year? The answer Wes Welker. Do the Lions have the same kind of guy you ask. Here enters into the conversation a short route man named Shaun McDonald. He is basically a darker version of Wes Welker. He can take hits, runs short routes for yardage and can break wide open one of those short routes into a big gain. Patriots had a wide receiver last year by the name of Donte' Stallworth who performed when he needed to and was a guy you could always rely on to hold on to the ball. Do the lions have a guy like that? Enter into the conversation Mike Furrey. A ighter version of Donte' Stallworth. Furrey has amazing hands and some speed on top of that one, plus he blends in pretty well also and is amazing in the clutch. Now I know you are saying to yourself why isn't that fool mentioning the two best receivers on the team and argumentatively two receivers who are easily in the top ten in the NFL. because I am saving the best for last. If the last two wide receivers I just described to you sounded pretty damn talented then these guys are going to blow you away. You find the proto-typical receiver in both Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson the only difference is age and experience. they are both tall, fast, have great hands and can stifle defenses and make them look pretty damn foolish, and if you haven't seen the calvin Johnson stiff arm run from last year you have got to find it because he looks like a RB. In Wrap-up if I havent proven to you already how important the Offensive line is then you have got to read my latest blog. (If you are this far into reading than you already should have.)

Second Key - Defense

    My motto is and has been for the last couple of years "D is key". It makes sense to me and I will explain it in such a precise and definitive way that when you are done reading tthe second key you will be blown away. So, here it goes, the reason I say that D is key is the fact that defense can create offense. Here is an example, a defense comes in and takes over and the other offense runs two run plays and gains a total of three yards, now they are stuck on 3rd and 7. The defense has basically just forced the offense to become a one faceted offense meaning their only decent option to pick up a first down is to pass the ball. Now the QB drops back to pass and then proceeds to throw an interception and your offense now has a new set of downs and are in great field position at the 33 yard line going in. The defense has just given you the greatest field position a starting offense can have. At the very least you shuld be able to get a field goal. but now you only have to go 33 yards for a touchdown versus 70 or 80. Your defense has just created offense. As I just outlined above about how pressure forces errors and the catalyst for this pressure is the defense. If the defense can get inside the QB's head and make him think that every time he drops back to pass he is going to be running for his life then he is not going to be so focused which creates errors. Only certain QB's like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Donovan McNabb can effectively pass while on the run and if you get a QB to throw on the run then you have a great chance of picking off a pass or at the very least forcing an incompleted pass which is the next best thing to an interception. Your defense can take charge of a game and propel you to wins and this is the reason I believe that "D is key". Just let me know if i need to convince you anymore and I will do whatever I have to so that you will think like me. The Lions have to master the defensive technique in order to truly succeed and if they do then they will have what they need to help them make a run at the division.

Third Key - Health.

        Sure the NFL has the shortest season of every major sport but the wear and tear is by far the most hevily weighed in factor as the year goes on. No sport has as much contact and as much ways to get hurt as the NF does and this is why health is such a big factor. More careers are ended by injury in the NFL than any other sport on earth and the reason for this is because of all the bone crushing hits that are laid out every year. Football players also have the shortest careers on average between all of the major sports because of this reason. QB's can hardly last more than  ten years and of course there are those exceptions yet the equivalent of the QB in football would be a pitcher in baseball and a ton of pitchers pitch better than fifteen years in te span of their careers. If you look at the Lions the last few years they have been hit with the injury bug at least the last three years and maybe longer but what i think the main reson for last years collapse was because the injury bug hit. The lions were 6-2 and on a roll, 8 games through, halfway through the season does this ring a bell? The second half was a disaster for the lions as the offense and defense as well had someone new injured every week and this I believe is to blame for the colapse. With the loss of Shawn Rogers which in my view if you carry that much weight you are going to be injury prone, which he is, I think it actually helps the lions defensively because now they can focus on helth rather than size because as they say, size isn't everything.

Thought For Today:

    In short if the lions can accomplish and maintain these three keys than I think the Lions will surprise a lot of long time critics and silence those who think the lions will always be a 4-12 team. I, as a fan, as well as a careful analyst believe that as they say on their commercial, "Believe In Now".


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